Tip Tuesday

Ever had a great bracelet but had a heck of a time putting it on by yourself? I have a simple trick you can use when no one is around to help you put on bracelets with clasps.


  1. Grab your favourite bracelet with a tricky clasp
  2. Find a bobby pin (I know you probably have some laying around!) 
  3. Put the bobby pin through the jump ring or end of the bracelet 
  4. Wrap your bracelet around your wrist and hold on to the bobby pin with one of your fingers 
  5. Clasp the bracelet together et voila! 

This is a lifesaver when I'm getting ready and my cat's the only one around. No need to rely on someone else when I want to wear my favourite bracelets.


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    Latasha: May 04, 2015

    So true. Honesty and everything reidzncgeo.

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