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After a much needed break from technology, working and creating, I am back to blogging. I figured I should probably share why I have been MIA the past month and a bit {I only touched on it briefly before}.

The first weekend in June was an absolute whirlwind for me, a good one though, full of fashion and friends. The Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival took place this whole weekend. For those of you who have never heard Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival (SFDF), it is a volunteer based fashion organization committed to developing Saskatchewan's fashion culture and community. 

I had heard of SFDF last fall and didn't know much about it but I had a friend who participated in the pop-up shop in November (check out The Sparrow's Keep).  Since then, I have been keeping tabs on what the SFDF group was up to.  In the winter there was a call for vendors for the Spring/Summer Festival.  A few people mentioned to me that I should apply but I was nervous to do so.  

The last tradeshow I went to was quite brutal and I didn't really want to repeat that experience. But, with a little bit of encouragement, I applied for the SFDF Pose Marketplace. A little while later, I got the email saying I was accepted! I actually panicked and became so overwhelmed that I didn't know if I should be excited or terrified. All this self-doubt flooded into my head then I kicked it to the curb and got to work.

For about 5 weeks, I neglected my loving and terribly supportive Fiancé, to make sure I had enough pieces made for the event. I had some items already made but I wanted to make sure I had enough variety. As I sat and worked, I came up new ideas and re-worked some of my original pieces. As the big day approached, I felt more confident in my work and my collection I had so far.

Finally the day arrived. I had everything ready to go, displays packed, business cards finished, jewelry finished. My Sister was an absolute gem and came with me to set up and kept me relaxed. I was surprisingly nervous driving to the venue. Mainly because I was worried no one would show up... As soon as I set up, all fears left and I felt in my element.

We were located down by the Saskatoon Riverlanding - it was a beautiful (windy) day and so many people came out! I loved hearing the feedback from people and seeing people walk away with big smiles on their faces and new accessories.

Thank you to all of my family and friends who came out to visit - whether you bought something or not, it meant (still means) the world to me!  And a big Thank You to the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival for putting on an amazing event and allowing me to be a part of it!  I had an absolute blast and met so many wonderful people.  I appreciate all the support I received and continue to receive... without all of you, I wouldn't be where I am at.

So next steps -- create an actual website for my jewelry (stay tuned for that!) and work towards this becoming more than just a hobby!  If there is any piece that you have seen and you'd like it for yourself, I now accept MasterCard and Visa! Send me a message and we can figure out the details. Be sure to like my Facebook page for coupon codes and limited edition items too!

For the love of all things sparkly,


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    Lisa C- The Sparrow: April 03, 2014

    Thanks for the shout out hun!

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