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Good morning!  

Just a short blurb for right now cause I know I've been kind of slacking with posts these days and I thought you may like to read something!

I know I started this blog as more of a lifestyle/talk about my transition to country life blog BUT a huge part of my life is fashion.When I was in high school and most of my friends were off snowboarding in the winter, I would gladly stay in the chalet and read my Vogue magazines.  I'd rather watch Fashion Television than MTV.  I'd rather sacrifice warmth for a pretty outfit (I would have to say that I'm now at an age where I'd rather be warm instead). 

I have a fairly full closet (small in comparison to some..large to others).  I love to shop but I have come to a place in my life where I don't have the disposable income to just buy whatever I want.  Something I like almost more than shopping is finding a killer deal on a pair of shoes or a designer bag at Winners.  I often like to share my deals with my Mom but she just rolls her eyes and says, "Alex, did you really need those?"  Well yes, yes I did, Mom -- I didn't have this leopard print top in the black and cream!

I've decided to add another element to the blog - a fashion piece!  I'll share with you my recent product finds/sales/reviews.  I can't wait for my first real post -- I have some pretty things to show you!

This past weekend I went to Edmonton with Erin to visit our friend Sara.  Naturally, we went to West Edmonton Mall and did I ever score some fabulous pieces (think denim, sequins and leopard print!)  I will be posting those later this week.
 Until then - keep warm and remember : Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle!

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