Jewelry After Care + A Small Gift to Say Thanks!

Jewelry Care

To keep your Luxe Links pieces looking their best,

Luxe Links may be permanent, but they are not indestructable. Please treat your piece with care and clean

Your jewelry's lifespan is depended on your lifestyle.

To keep your permanent pieces looking their best it’s best to avoid cosmetics, perfumes, hairsprays and lotions directly as they can be corrosive and damage your piece’s shine potential. While chlorine, sweat and water are non-reactive, constant exposure may impair the longevity of your piece.

Our jewellery is permanent, not indestructible. Like all other jewellery, we ask you treat your piece with love, care and polish frequently! For a more thorough clean use a solution of warm water and mild detergent and gently scrub with a soft bristled toothbrush.

Remember, your permanent jewellery’s lifespan is highly dependent on your lifestyle.

Gold-Filled jewellery is far more durable than gold plated or vermeil jewellery and will age at different rates depending many factors. We choose the highest quality pieces from our trusted manufacturers allowing everyday wear. To ensure your piece stays sparkly, we recommend following the jewellery care and lightly polishing regularly to maintain shine!

Solid gold pieces are extremely low-maintence and require very little care – just wear and enjoy!

Depending on your skin chemistry, you may find some tarnishing between chain links. We recommend lightly polishing your piece to keep it looking extra shiny.

While we love our shiny, silver jewelry, please keep in mind it is a soft material and can tarnish quite quickly when it comes in contact with oxygen and sulfer.

To keep your piece pretty for longer, use your polishing cloth regularly and avoid chlorine and excess heat where possible.

To ensure sparkle, we recommend following the jewelry care and lightly polishing regularly to maintain shine!


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Love these rings!!! I can keep it simple or stack up a few for a bolder look.

DILLON | Paperclip Chain Necklace

Super cute!

A very nice and dainty statement piece. Love it!


Love my new necklace! It looks great with with a t-shirt and jeans or all dressed up.

Paperclip Chain Anklet

I love my paperclip chain anklet, will be ordering again! 😍

Love it!

Absolutely love this piece💗 Great purchase!
Thanks Alex

Love it

Thank you so much!!

Love them!

Recently purchased these earrings, super light weight and comfortable!! Highly recommend these cute earrings.


I gifted my mom a permanent bracelet from Alex for Mother’s Day. She got to pick and I got the matching bracelet. Alex is so sweet and positive. She makes you feel special as well as makes the experience personal and enjoyable. Prior to my matching Mother’s Day set, a couple of girlfriends purchased a friendship bracelet for a birthday gift and the gold has held up as good as new. The quality is great, no tarnishing or colour change. I would highly recommend Alex for permanent jewelry. If that isn’t your thing, she’s got a variety of clasp jewellery, earrings and necklaces.

Paperclip Necklace
Anne Sperling
Top notch

Love it!!!

Druzy Lace Stud Earrings - Rainbow
The perfect amount of edge and sparkle!

I love these earrings so much. They go with everything and I can really dress them up or down.

The CZ Navigator Necklace

I absolutely love this necklace. Very good quality. I have received lots of compliments.

It came very quickly after I ordered it and the bonus crystal and inspiring message was such a surprising touch. Made my day!


This was my first time purchasing and I thought why not go for a mystery bag, seems like a fun idea 🙂 The pieces I received in my mystery bag are absolutely beautiful! I am going to gift a couple of them and keep the rest to enjoy!

Druzy Lace Stud Earrings - Orchid
Jennifer Uhryn
Such a beautiful color!!

I had been eyeing these up for months and finally got them!! I don’t know why I waited so long! The color is more beautiful in person and the hint of sparkle is perfect. They go with so many outfits!

Rose Quartz Charm Bracelet

Olive Branch Necklace - Rose Quartz
Julia Peters
Beautiful Necklace!

This is such a unique, intricate piece that is very eye-catching on the neck!


While we’d love for your Luxe Links to last forever, we understand that things can happen! Our jewellery is permanent, not indestructible. Like all other jewellery, we ask you treat your piece with love, care and polish frequently!

We offer a 30 day guarantee to come into our studio and get re-welded free of charge if you experience any issues at the point of welding.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will do our best to help satisfy your request.

Please note our warranty does not cover lost items or jewelry that’s been pulled, tugged, yanked or cut at any point other than the connector ring. We do not offer full refunds on Luxe Links Jewelry

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