Leaving Behind the Old: A 2024 Journey to Your Best Self

Transforming Into Your Best Self: What We're Leaving Behind in 2023


As 2023 comes to a close and we're stepping into the new year, it's time to shed the old and fully embrace the journey that awaits. Consider this your pep talk, your reminder that you're not alone on this wild ride called life. Whether you're a mom, a career woman, or multitasking all the things – this is for anyone ready to release the weight of the past.


Letting Feelings Drive Actions

Making Decisions Guided by Commitments, Not Moods

In the hustle of our daily lives, it's easy to let emotions take the wheel. But not anymore. Let's leave behind allowing our fleeting feelings dictate our decisions. Instead we can focus on the things we're actually committed to and making intentional choices that align with our true selves. 

Saying Yes When I Don't Want To

The Power of 'No'

It's time to reclaim the magic word – 'No.' Saying 'yes' when you really want to say 'no' is so 2023 🙃 . Let's honor our true desires, set boundaries, and make room for what truly matters. In 2024, it's about putting ourselves first without guilt.

Ditching Unhealthy Habits

Revitalizing Well-Being

Doom scrolling, unnecessary spending, Netflix binging, neglecting self-care – we've all been there. Let's leave this behind, okay? This year is all about ditching these habits that drain our energy. Let's nurture ourselves, because a happy woman means a happy world and it's time to prioritize our well-being.


Bidding Farewell to Self Doubt

Empowering Growth

Ah, the constant companion of self-doubt. Well, it's time for it to take a backseat. In 2024, we're bidding farewell to the fear of failure. Challenges are not roadblocks but stepping stones to growth and learning. Let's face them head-on and emerge stronger.


Action Over Over-Planning

Breaking Free from Over-Planning & Embracing Execution

Planning is great, but action is better. In 2024, we're breaking free from the cycle of over-planning without execution. It's about taking the leap, adapting plans as we go, and making things happen. Less overthinking, more doing.

So, here's to leaving behind what no longer serves us. Keep an eye out for the next blog post, where we'll dive deeper into the exciting things we're taking into 2024. 

What are you planning to leave behind in 2023? Comment below! You've got this, and I'm right here cheering you on!

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