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It's hard to believe another summer has come and gone. Truthfully, summer has never been my favourite season but this year we made a lot of progress on our back yard and I was really enjoying spending time out there. 

As the weather cools though, I happily welcome back sweaters, boots and everything else super cozy!

AKA Blog Series The Currently Volume 02


Listening to: The Grand Budapest Hotel and Chocolat soundtracks. Like I mentioned in my previous Currently post, I work best with instrumental music and soundtracks are usually my go-tos.

Drinking: Homemade Golden Milk Turmeric Tea. Have you ever drank this? It's magic and actually tastes amazing plus it's so good for you! 

Planning: Our family trip to California in October. Here we come Disney!! Any tips or things we have to do/try?! Leave a comment below

Obsessing Over: My new matte lipsticks from Mary Kay... they are seriously amazing!

Working on: The Fall Collection!! I can't wait to show you the newest gemstones for this season. (Be the first to shop the collection when you join the Insiders Club here)

Watching: White Collar on Netflix & the current season of Suits. 

Inspired by: All my fellow girl bosses who have been pushing hard to reach their goals & hitting/exceeding them! 

Celebrating: Kyle's birthday [this weekend] and friends are getting married

Enjoying: my violets that are blooming. It's so gratifying not killing plants

Loving: Road trips & getting to spend some quality time with Kyle

Anticipating: a few packages to come in the mail. Supplies & some new clothes!


What are you currently inspired by or obsessing over?!

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    Melanie: September 14, 2016

    Hi Alex! We went to Disney for the first time last year and loved it!! Some tips I would offer would be to utilize the Fast Pass system (it’s like booking a time on a ride). I would suggest reading up about it, but then if you have any questions ask the Cast Members (the people who work at Disneyland) for help. I would also suggest having hopper passes as the distance between parks is not far and you can then jump back and forth. You can take a water bottle and snacks in with you and they don’t seem to mind (they do check your bags going in). Mornings are less busy then afternoon and evenings so try to hit the rides that are popular then. The Cast Members are generally super helpful and will even tell you where the best places to be are for the parades and shows. Radiator Springs Racers in Californialand was our nephews favorite. If you don’t have Early Morning Hour, I would suggest lining up for FastPass tickets right away as the tickets for the day go within the hour. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We spent 5 days there last year and are going back at the beginning of November this year. Excited for you!!

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