AKA Beauty Gift Guide

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to share some favourite gift ideas from AKA retailers and other awesome small businesses. Today I'm sharing with you gift ideas for the beauty lovers in your life. 

1. Demi Perfume: This sleek rollerball fragrance is a perfect gift for your sister. Slip into an evening bag, gym bag, back pocket or desk drawer—and dapple your pulse points with the perfect amount of fragrance. Not only does it come in 4 delicious fragrances but the packaging is perfection. Available at Farminista.com


2. The Lip Slip by Sara Happ: These lip glosses are definitely a must for any beauty lover. If you've ever searched the 'perfect' pink or nude, Sara Happ has you covered. Available in 4 beautiful colours (I may or may not have 3 out of the 4 colours...) they're the perfect shades of pink & nude for every girl. These are truly the only lip glosses you'll ever need.  Get yours from Holly at Holly Decker Makeup Artistry


3. Beauty Blender Sponge: I've tried every Beauty Blender knockoff but after meeting Holly, she got me using a real Beauty Blender. I wondered if it was really worth the hype and after I started using it, I realized it was! Your products won't absorb into it like other sponges and it leaves you with a flawless complexion. Also available at Holly Decker Makeup Artistry


4. Plains Mud Mask: In the Spring I talked about my first adventure Wildcrafting with Northlore and when I was there I picked up my own Plains Mud Mask. This Mud Mask is an absolute treat - it's a great purifying mask that contains concentrated minerals and detoxifying properties for the face and body. Your skin will thank you after you've tried this! Available at NorthloreGoods.com


5. Bait Hair Perfume: I love the idea of hair perfumes and these ones in particular are perfect to add an amazing scent to your hair that lasts all day! It comes in three amazing scents - Day Dreamer, Femme Fatale, & Heart Breaker. Available at Farminista.com


6. The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ: Before applying your Lip Slip, you'll need one (or all) of Sara Happ's Lip Scrubs. These scrubs eliminate dry, flaky skin, leaving lips ridiculously soft and supple. Wonder how you ever lived without it. Seriously. Plus each scrub smells so good you'll want to eat it!  Available at Holly Decker Makeup Artistry


7. Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow: As a fair-skinned girl, I've always envied all the bronzed beauties of the world. I tried spray tans and at home tanners before that left me looking like an oompa loompa so I've always been leary of trying new ones. Although I haven't personally tried Red Carpet's, I've heard amazing things and I've seen the results in person. Stunning! It looks so natural, even on fair skinned ladies. This would be a great gift idea for whoever would like a little extra glow this winter season (or for yourself so you can glow at all the holiday parties!) Available at Holly Decker Makeup Artistry


So what do you think? Any products you'll be adding to your wish list? Share this with anyone you know who is buying for you and point them in the right direction ;)
Stay tuned for more great gift ideas!
-Alex Kathlyn


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