Meet the Designer Part 2

Back in August I wrote a "Meet the Designer" post where I told you a bit about myself and today I decided to do Meet the Designer Part 2. 

When May rolls around, life changes pace and begins to speed up. If you've read the first Meet the Designer post, you know that owning/running AKA isn't my only 'job'. I'm also the wife to a very hard working Farmer and I take pride in my other 'job' as a Farmer's Wife. It's something I never imagined doing but now I wouldn't have it any other way.

Although I would call myself a city girl, a lot of my family had farms so this concept farm life wasn't totally foreign. Did I ever want to follow in my family's footsteps? Definitely not. Did I say I’d never marry a farmer? Yes I did. :)

I ate my words and I happily and nervously took on the new role that I was not qualified for. I managed to make it through Year 1 of Farm Wife duties, though there were some tears, frustrations and learning curves, if I'm being totally honest. I was working hard to build AKA while learning how to Farm Wife plus working full time at the local golf course. 

Season 2 as FW begun a few weeks ago and I can safely say I'm handling it much better than last year. I've learned that when Seeding (or Harvest) time rolls around my normal daily actives shift and I have to manage a few more hats. 

Thankfully AKA is a bit older and can manage to survive for a few hours on her own but AKA is growing like a week and at times it's hard to keep up with it. So if you’re ever wondering why I’ve been quieter on social media or take a bit longer to respond to your message, this is why.


If you want a peak into some of my 'day in the life', keep on reading!



I try to wake up with Kyle so we can spend breakfast together. If I don't, and I'm not on supper duty, I'll only see him when he's going to bed. There's not a ton of talking until coffee is in both our systems but it's nice to just be together.

Once Kyle is gone, I take a little time to read and reflect then it's down to business! I focus on my top 3 priorities and I go hard to get as much done before lunch as I can. I actually have a program on my computer that blocks all distractions (like going on FB, checking emails, Pinterest) so I turn that on first then it's time to planning, designing, marketing, writing, accounting, customer relations, collection development, and anything else that must get done that day.


My afternoons vary but I'm either finishing what I had been working on in the morning or creating jewelry, processing orders, or running errands. Sometimes I'm working on online courses or trying to catch up on emails. Later afternoons can involve last minute meal planning and trips to the grocery store (when I'm not smart and don't meal plan). Depending on the day, I 'leave work' around 4 and put on FW Hat. 



When I bring supper to the field and I’m not in a rush, I love to go for a ride with Kyle. It’s not very fast paced (4miles/hr) so it gives us time to catch up and decompress. Often times I come up with some of my best ideas for AKA. It’s easy to get inspiration when I’m surrounded by vibrant sunsets.

Once our version of date night ends, I head home to tidy the house, make lunch and put on the coffee for the next day, finish any AKA projects that must be completed and plan out the next day. If I’m lucky, I have a few extra minutes to enjoy a cup of tea and a book before I go to bed and Kyle gets home. 

I am often overwhelmed with gratefulness and awe of the Farm Life. Like anything, there are times when it is stressful but I never knew I’d love this life as much as I do. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my life as a business owner and a Farm Wife. Let me know if you have any comments or questions!


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