Friday Five #1 - What I'm Loving Lately

Friday is finally here and in a few, hopefully short, hours, it will be time for the weekend to make an appearance. I'm really looking forward to a chill weekend at home, something that hasn't happened much in the last few months. 

Today I'm introducing a new (and my first) blog series called Friday Five. I'm the type of person that loves to share with others when I find something that I really like... whether it's a new beauty product, favourite way to wear a piece of jewelry, a new recipe or Instagram account. I can't keep secrets and there's no point keeping these things to myself so I want to spread the love. Without further ado... 

1// My Day Designer - A Yearly Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for the Creative Entrepreneur. Created to help you design a life you love.

Whitney English is a genius for creating such a detailed planner that helps me find balance and stay organized in both my work and personal life. Each day has it’s own page with a space for my top 3 to-dos, daily schedule, another to-do list (where I add my personal list), daily gratitude and a space to ‘download’ thoughts I don’t want to forget. There’s also year, month and day at a glance pages with lots of room for notes too! If it weren’t for this planner, my life would be one hot mess. 

2// Neroli Midnight Oil - A night-time treatment worth falling for. Experience the most exquisite facial treatment with a scent you will come to worship...

Stark Skincare is a Canadian, 100% natural and certified vegan skincare company (read more here) and if you haven’t heard of them, you’ve been missing out. This Neroli Midnight Oil was one of three items I purchased back in December and although a bit pricey, worth every. Single. Canadian. penny! My skin has been abmormally dry this winter and nothing was working to combat the dry, alligator skin on my face…until I met Stark’s Neroli Oil. It feels so luxurious and smells amazing AND I actually look forward to my nighttime beauty routine just so I can put this on my face.

3// Chinese Laundry Zip It Booties

I have been searching for the perfect pair of booties for over a year. They needed to be the right colour, have the right heel height and have a smaller opening at the top so my ankle didn’t flop around. I saw the black/grey version of these Chinese Laundry boots in a store in Saskatoon and when I put them on I fell in love…except for the colour. I was able to find the camel colour online and ordered them from Amazon and saved myself $50. I wear them any chance I get and I love pairing them with my Matte Gold Necklace!

4// AKA Iridescent Crystal Necklace


Okay, I needed to include this because I’ve honestly been wearing it every other day. I love wearing it on it’s own but I’ve layered it with some of my already-layered necklaces and they look gorgeous paired together! (ps : only 1 left, if you’re interested & you can shop here)

5// This Reminder


I don't think this needs much for explanation but this has been my phone screensaver as a constant reminder of what's important to me.  

There we have it, our first Friday Fives. What are some things you've been currently loving, using, wearing &/or reading?  

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