Hello There, 2015!

Happy Tuesday, lovely friends!

First things first, I believe a ‘Happy New Year’ is in order! Secondly, I'm back in the studio full time now that the holidays are over! I was able to take some time away from the shop to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. It was great to turn off my business brain (for the most part) and simply enjoy the moments with loved ones. Had a lot of laughs, played some games and ate a lot of food. It was wonderful.

During my time off, I took some time to reflect on 2014. It’s hard to believe how far AKA has come since this time last year. I was newly married and wasn’t entirely sure how to make a go of AKA. All I did know was that I didn’t want to work at a grocery store so I had better figure out this entrepreneurship thing and figure it out quickly.

2014 had a lot of highlights as well as some teachable moments. I started the year without even having a website… It’s a little challenging to have an online boutique without one of those! I took some online courses, created a lot of new pieces, joined forces with RIA Boutique, hosted some incredible giveways, attended SFDF in Saskatoon and developed many relationships because of the business. If it weren’t for you, I really wouldn’t have a year (or business) that I could review and reflect on… so thank you!

After reflecting, I made sure to set goals for 2015 for both myself and AKA…It started off with the "drink more water and exercise more" type goals and set dates for when I'd like new collections to launch, giveaways to host and look books to be created. Then I began making a ‘Crazy List’. You know those big, scary dreams that are almost too big to even say out loud? Those are what go on the Crazy List. Maybe someday I’ll share them with you but for right now, they were scary to even write them down! :)

I had also asked on Instagram and in the Insider’s Newsletter (sign up here) if there was anything you would like to see from AKA in 2015 or any feedback you may have had from 2014. You spoke and I’ve listened to what you’ve had to say. I’ve already started figuring out ways to implement some of the things you've asked for and will tell you more very soon.

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I would love to hear from you if you haven’t had the opportunity to share your feedback. Leave a comment below and tell me what you'd like to see!

Wishing you all the very best this 2015,

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