Dream a Little Bigger, Darling!

I had one of those 'oh crap, what am I doing with my life' moments this afternoon.  It's been awhile since I've had a stable, full time job and actually felt like I had job security.  When I knew that I was moving to a small, rural centre, I began to look for work. Let's just say that the career opportunities here are few and far between. But, with that all being said, I decided to jump into scary {exciting, unpredictable, challenging} world of entrepreneurship - and let me say this, I had/have no idea what I was/am doing!

Today, I had the opportunity to take part in some online training, specific for jewelry designers, with Flourish & Thrive Academy. F&TA is an online “school” that teaches designers everything they need to know to start their business and make it fun. Something I definitely needed.  Shortly after the 2 hours of training, I was totally ready and excited to make AKA my business not just a hobby. But then, the fear started to creep in...  and the doubts, the insecurities, the anxiety, the panic and instability of being a creative entrepreneur.

These feelings loomed over me as the day went on and they just continued to get worse. By supper time, I was in one of my moods. After supper, I sat down to finish my Lara Casey Powersheets {Blog to come on that...but go check it out right now anyway!} and two of her little postcards fell out of my binder...


I realized that it's okay to be a bit afraid but like Lowell Lundstrum once said,

If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough.

And like Lara Casey said ... You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them! So that is what I will do!



PS - I realize I've been mia... again. I don't usually write if I'm not inspired and I guess I've been in a bit of a rut for the past few months. Hopefully I'm back on track with more posts to come soon!

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    GetABeadOnIt: April 03, 2014

    I was hesitant, too. Wasn’t even going to take it as of that evening. The email the following day that mentioned the price going up next year kinda made me think about it again, and when I “stepped” back a little to put it into perspective, and how as of December I was really starting to think I need to get some sort of plan going and put some real thought into what I’m doing with this little business….then it seemed like, you know, this is coming at JUST the right time. Why wait? So….I went and hit the “buy” button. ;) Looking forward to talking on FB.

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    Anonymous: April 03, 2014

    Karen – thank you so much for your comment (and finding me!). The training was so good and although I was hesitant to sign up and take that leap, I’m happy that I did. Can’t wait to learn more with F&TA and meet some wonderful designers :)
    Thanks for saying hi and I’m sure we will be connected again soon!


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    GetABeadOnIt (Karen): April 03, 2014

    Hi! I took that free class also! I had a mtg at my real job so I didn’t get to join in on the live call, but I did listen to the whole 3 hrs after work. (I’m the one who doesn’t want to get bored making duplicates, :P) I did decide to jump in and sign up for the class too. Wasn’t going to at first, but then decided to go for it. Waiting on my approval to the FB group, but I saw a few other members out there, you being one of them, and found your blog here. Liked your post…have similar fears and insecurities…..but looking forward to what we can learn! PS, congrats on your recent wedding. :)

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    Monday Inspiration | Alexandra Kathlyn: April 03, 2014

    […] forward to present day. I’m living in Nipawin and trying to make AKA my career [post here]. Some days are better than others but it’s still hard being this creative […]

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