Well it has been forever since I last wrote something!  It was so much easier keeping a blog when I worked part time but now I have my hand in a few cookie jars.  This last month and a bit has been a bit busier than normal. I’ve working more at my day job and recently my jewelry business picked up speed! So let me talk to you about the more exciting work-related thing. Ta daaaa AKA If you haven’t seen this already, I got a logo! I have been working with a very talented designer here in Saskatoon by the name of Sam with Benesh Design.  She came up with something even better than I could have ever dreamed of. I think it suits my brand perfectly.   We are now working on other aspects of my branding and I can't wait to show you more. And now for my second ta daaa....

I have officially registered AKA as a company! I received my registration papers and vendor's license last week. It was a scary, yet very exciting, leap I decided to take. Eventually I would love to make this my full time gig and I needed to get the ball rolling.  Although, 90% of my business happens in the City, I’m planning on creating a website (wasn’t a fan of Etsy) where you can buy online.

I have a lot of dreams that come with this brand and where I want to expand to. I’m really hoping that once I move, I will be able to really pursue this dream and passion.  I love seeing photos of my AKA collection on happy customers. It’s crazy how many people are now wearing the little Initial Necklaces.

So, come back here often! I will try to post more and keep you all updated.


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