Old to Me, New to You

Have you ever bought new clothes only to wear them a handful of times before ending up in the back of your closet?  I have done this way too many times. Eventually when I find them all balled up and wrinkled, I try them on and realize that I probably shouldn't have spent the money on it in the first place.  I often put them in a bag , let my sister riffle through it and then send it to Salvation Army.

There's a part of me that always wishes I could actually sell them. I’ve contemplated the consignment route and I’ve done the Kijiji thing. The consignment stores were out of the way and kijiji sales usually included many low-ball offers or no-shows. Also the time that is spent making different Kijiji ads was a pain. So, even though it was a way of making a bit of money, it wasn’t worth the time or hassle to me.

Last week I was introduced to Jess, founder of New 2 You, Saskatoon's newest and premier clothing consignment event!  New 2 You is a bi-annual fall/spring consignment event for women's clothing, shoes and purses. It's happening October 25-26 at Prairieland.


Jess told me all about the event and I got excited because I have a bag of clothing that I wanted to take to the event.  Here's what is even better.... I get to set my price! AND I can earn 65%-80% on the clothing I do sell.  Both of these things make it far superior to traditional consignment stores and online selling!

I have one more reason I think this event is so great. They like to give back!  So, if my clothing doesn't sell I can either pick it up OR they will donate it to a local organization.  On top of that, they are donating 5% of all earnings to a local charity. I believe The Princess Shop will be receiving the donation this year.

So ladies, go into your closets, pick out all of those articles of clothing/shoes you don't ever wear and purses that are collecting dust. Go register on the New 2 You website and get ready to shop, sell & save!

For more information about this fantastic event, go check out New 2 You here.

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