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For forever, I always wanted to be in an office setting so I could wear 'power suits'. I'm not lying. I wanted to wear the sexy blazer and pencil skirt, pant suit, and be that super professional looking woman {Think Sandra Bullock on the Proposal}.   I wanted to be one of those women on the cover of Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women Edition. Okay...maybe that's not the whole truth but I wouldn't say no if the opportunity came about :)

Once I got into a professional setting, I realized, pant suits are not for me. I knew I still needed to be professional (thankfully I'm not in a very corporate environment and can get away with jeans every so often) - okay I'm feeling like this post is sounding too corporate and boring. Sorry!

Let's start again.  How I dress (semi)professionally without wearing the power suit!

1. Blazers. Go out and buy a blazer today. Or 2 or 5.  I have a black, navy and beige one {pink to come!}.  These are my number one staple. Even if I'm wearing jeans and boots, I throw on a blazer and I already look more professional and less casual.  Honestly, I love blazers for casual days too and then dress it up with bling.

Blouse - H&M. Blazer - H&M. Necklace - AlexandraKathlyn
2. Dress Pants - have a few pairs and do not buy cheap ones. Seriously.  Buy some quality pants, get them tailored if need be. Do it. You'll feel like a million bucks when your pants don't sag and your tush looks good.

I bought so many crap pairs when I first started interviewing for HR jobs. I did not feel confident at all.  Then I went out and bought a more expensive pair and wowza!, did they ever feel and look fantastic! For an affordable alternative, I'm a big fan of RW&Co. pants. 

3. Blouses. It took me awhile to figure this one out but once I did, I was very happy.  Blouses can go day to night in a snap! I'm a huge fan of patterned one (like the one above - from H&M) but I also have some plain ones too. And they are so comfy!

4. Heels. You need heels. Black, Nude, Printed.  I don't think I have to elaborate on this?  That staccato sound when you walk down the hallway makes it seem like you mean business!

5. BLING.  I love adding jewelry to any outfit. It may be the magpie in me or it might just be the girl in me.  I love to add a pair of sparkly earrings or bracelets to add a little bit of something to an outfit. I feel like it ties everything together so nicely.  

Business Casual

Obviously these aren't things that you HAVE TO have and it will totally depend on where you work and what you're doing. These are just some things I do to help me not feel like a slob at time ha! 

What are your staples for work?

~ Alex

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