One Hundred ~ Happy Birthday

Growing up I always wanted my significant other to be as much of a family person as I was. When Kyle and I started dating, I learned very early on that family was very important to him.  One of the first weekends I was in Nipawin visiting, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Olson’s for Sunday lunch {most of Kyle's aunts/uncles/cousins were there}.  The entire afternoon reminded me so much of when my grandparents still lived on the farm - I enjoyed my time immensely.  I knew I was going to like spending time with his family.

This past weekend Kyle and I were out in Nipawin to celebrate his Great Grandma Sadie's 100th birthday. One hundred. It's hard to believe because she doesn't look it at all!  When I told people I was going to her party people did the "oh, that will be so much fun..." .  In their head they were probably thinking we were going to some nursing home to sing happy birthday then leave.  If you were one of those people, you were very wrong!

Friday evening we went out for supper.  I wished Grandma a happy birthday... her reply, "Oh, it's not really a big deal. I don't feel any different than I did 10 years ago."  Then Saturday came along and the entire day was a celebration for her.  There were songs and skits {Kyle's aunts are hilarious by the way} and  readings {birthday greetings from the Prime Minister of Canada, Premier of SK, and Queen Elizabeth! Just to name a few}. Pretty typical of a birthday tea. But once 7pm hit, the party really started! First everyone in the hall played BINGO {I didn't do very well} ... then it was time to dance!  I have never been to a birthday party quite like this, especially when the guest of Honor stayed till after 1 in the morning!  Everyone was on the dance floor at some point, even Grandma Sadie.

Although I've only been unofficially part of the family for 2 years, I have been inspired by Grandma Sadie.  She still lives on the farm by herself.  Drives. Shoots magpies.  Varnishes her cupboards a couple months before her 100th birthday. Laughs a lot. And loves her family.  Thank you, Grandma Sadie for loving me like I'm part of the family.

I am very blessed to have an amazing family of my own.  I have wonderful and strong Grandmother's, loving aunts and uncles and cousins who are more like siblings.  Not only do I have my Bolan/Kerr clans but I have Kyle's family to spend time with too. I always have way too much fun with everyone when I go visit.  When I think about potentially spending my life in Kyle's neck of the woods, I'm not worried. There will be plenty of family there to make it feel like I'm home. 

Much love,


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    Amy Genesis: April 03, 2014

    You are right…I would never have guessed Grandma Sadie is 100! I am marvelling…

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