MEET: Holly Decker Makeup Artistry

I'm starting a new series called MEET: where I will feature current AKA Retailers across Canada and also introduce you to some other really cool women who have their own businesses. I'm big on supporting other women in business and personally, I love learning about what inspires and motivates other entrepreneurs (and people in general).

In our first edition of MEET: I would like to introduce you to Holly Decker of Holly Decker Makeup Artistry. When Holly and I first chatted about bringing AKA into her studio, I was both incredibly nervous and excited because this would potentially be my first Saskatoon retail location. I had wanted to get into a Saskatoon space for quite some time but I was super cautious because it needed to be the right place. After we hung up, I knew Holly's studio was indeed the perfect spot!

I had the chance to ask Holly some questions about herself, her business and life in general. I hope you read this and get a better feeling for who Holly is and see why I couldn't wait to get AKA into her studio!

Company: Holly Decker Makeup Artistry
Location: the two twenty / freelance

Tell us about yourself/business…

I have been a freelance makeup artist for about 14 years. Professionally opened my business in Saskatoon 4 years ago.

Did you always know you wanted to be Makeup Artist?

I have always loved art & music & I knew that I wanted to pursue something creative for a career. It was when I went to school in Victoria BC that my dream of being a makeup artist began. My instructors & other classmates really encouraged me to continue on with makeup artistry as a career.

What motivated you to become a professional Makeup Artist & start Holly Decker Makeup Artistry?

The motivation actually came from a few different ways. My love for what I do & encouragement from my friends & family was key to growing this business. Another element & motivation in moving forward with my career came from my passion to encourage other artists that being a professional makeup artist is a possibility. 

(Photos: MJ&Co Wedding Photographers)

What is the best part about being a Makeup Artist & owning your own company? What is the most challenging part?

Everyday I get to do what I love & that is a huge gift in my life that I am extremely grateful for. The best part is that it's my clients & the support of Saskatchewan people that are making this a reality for me.

The most challenging part can be not having enough time in the day to get everything done.

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?

The collection of Warrior Women that made Top 5 for Canadian Makeup Artist of the Year for the Mirror Awards 2015. It's the collection & the women involved in it that I am most proud of. The concept had been an idea of mine for a long time & to be able to have the most amazing team of creative women come together to create this collection was incredible.

(Photos: Erin Crooks Photography)

What tools or advice do you wish you knew at the beginning of your journey that you know now?

That it's possible! Often we box ourselves into a belief of what we think we should be doing with our lives & careers. When you love something enough & put in the hard work & believe that a dream is possible. You make it happen.

Why did you want AKA in your studio?

AKA is not only jewelry it is a creative art. The pieces that Alex creates are original & so incredibly beautiful. Alex is a Saskatchewan artist & I love that she is a woman following her creative passion. AKA jewelry is my personal favourite & I wear something in the jewelry line everyday.

Fun Facts About Holly

Things you couldn't live without?
Starbucks black iced tea
A hot bath

What are your must have products for summer?
Lalicious body scrub
Body glow ( RCK )
Sara Happ Lip gloss in Nude (I totally agree, the Sara Happ lip glosses are incredible...I have the nude & pink)

Favourite Instagram Feed(s)
@erincrooksphoto, @vancityvogue, @alexkathlyn (& No, I didn't tell her to say that), @officialwhitedhalia

Go-to coffee order?

Tea order
Venti Shaken black iced tea, no lemonade, no water & one pump classic. Totally high maintenance I know. 

Dream vacation
Private beach house, good friends & family. Great food & drinks & total relaxation.

Favourite way to treat yourself

Take out food, my onesie & netflix

Favourite spots or things to do in Saskatoon

Patio dates with friends, jazz fest,
Having my studio at the two twenty I love all the new locations that are opening up & getting to explore new places to go & check out.
The odd couple restaurant is my current fave.

If you would like to book Holly or to purchase any of Holly's 'must haves' for summer, you can find her on Facebook & Instagram. Speaking from personal experience, Holly does an incredible job at making a girl feel and look beautiful for special occasions or simply a girls night out!

Until next time...


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